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Parent-Teacher Connect

An easy to use, web-based parent-teacher conference scheduling program

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Schools want a no-hassle, easy way to get conferences scheduled. Parents want to sign up for conferences, for all their children, quickly. Teachers don't want to be involved in this process at all, they want to focus on their classroom.

Our on-line parent-teacher conference program has increased conference attendance. Parents love the simple interface, administrators love the simple setup and have praised the un-paralleled customer support.

Parent-Teacher Connect

  • Reduces your staff's workload
  • Organizes your conferences
  • Eliminates paper schedules, mailings, and phone calls
  • Gives parents 24/7 access to schedule parent teacher conferences
  • Uses a secure username/password log-in
  • Is hosted on a secure server offering 256-bit encryption
  • All data is backed up
Benefits for Teachers/Administration
  • Block out unavailable times
  • See who has/has not signed up yet
  • Request a conference with a parent
  • View/print student and teacher schedules
  • Computes statistics on conference attendance
  • Interfaces with your favorite database or spreadsheet including PowerSchool, JMC, and Infinite Campus
Benefits for Parents
  • Schedule a time with any teacher their child sees, including specials
  • Have access 24 hours a day from their home or office
  • Screens optimized for Mobile devices for parents 'on the go'
  • View and change their schedule without calling the school office
  • Pages can be shown in English or Spanish
  • Receive an email reminder when conference appointment is getting close

Lose the paper. Simplify and Organize your school office. Contact SchoolSystems today!

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